Service Activities

  • Begleitung im Planungs- und Bauprozess
    Comprehensive support during the planning and construction process


Natural stone opens up a diverse range of fascinating possibilities for architecture. We will be happy to assist you in carrying out your building project, and we can provide you with personal advice on all questions and during each phase of the building – from planning and the invitation to tender through to the work being carried out. We offer you the following services for comprehensive support:

  • Hofmann Naturstein Beratungsservice
    Personal consultation


  • Individual consulting on natural stone façade and anchoring systems from our structural engineers and stone technicians
  • Examination of technical feasibility and structural pre-measurement of façade designs
  • Preparing price indication

You can book a consultation appointment with our sales employees directly here.

  • Steinmuster
    Sending of material samples
  • Zoofenster Musterfassade
    Construction of Mock-up façades
  • Service d'Echantillons 3
    Construction of Mock-up façades


  • Sending natural stone hand samples with the selected surface finish
  • Opportunity of viewing mock-up façades and large format natural stone raw slabs at
    our company and production facility in Gamburg
  • Browsing our in-house stone library with more than 5000 samples
  • Planning and building of mock-up façades in coordination with metal facade companies
  • unterstu  tzung
    Support in the planning process


  • Provision of standard detail drawings
  • Development of individual, project-related detail solutions
  • Support with planning natural stone curtain façades according to DIN EN 18516 / EN 1469
  • Support with preparing invitations to tender
  • Structural pre-dimensioning of façade slabs


Our download area provides you with standard façade details, service specifications for the invitation to tender for natural stone façade as well as information about the company, natural stones and façade solutions.



Standard details as PDF

  • HN-01-001 Facade anchoring with stainless steel-slide-mortar pillar PDF (160.6 KB)
  • HN-01-002 Facade anchoring with stainless steel-slide-mortar anchors as press joint pillar PDF (146.6 KB)
  • HN-01-003 Solid corner with stainless steel-slide-mortar anchor PDF (121.4 KB)
  • HN-01-004 Facade anchoring with stainless steel-weld-on anchors parapet PDF (158.6 KB)
  • HN-02-001 Facade anchoring with stainless steel-weld-on anchors pillar PDF (163.5 KB)
  • HN-02-002 Facade anchoring with stainless steel-weld-on anchors as press joint pillar PDF (149.8 KB)
  • HN-02-003 Solid corner with stainless steel-weld-on anchor PDF (113.6 KB)
  • HN-03-001 Facade slab with reveal, stainless steel-slide mortar anchors PDF (148.6 KB)
  • HN-04-001 Facade anchoring with base into the ground stainless steel-slide-mortar anchor PDF (217.8 KB)

Standard details as DWG

This content is only available for access following registration. 

Material overview - colours and surfaces

  • Hofmann Naturstein Materialübersicht

Get to know the variety of our granites, sandstones and limestone. This overview in the form of an interactive PDF will show you a selection of our materials and the full range of innovative and traditional surface finishing techniques. Each of the natural stone types is available with several different finishes. These include Aquapower®, Flamed, Honed, Bush-hammered, Hand-split, Jet-blasted or Chiselled.


Reference book

  • download referenzbuch 1

Our reference buildings designed by well known architects and built by renowned owners will inspire you. This will give you a compact overview of the breath of possibilities available nowadays in terms of architecture, design and technology using natural stone.


Curtain Wall Stone Facade Systems

  • mg 4065

Curtain Wall Stone Facade Systems


Two of a kind

  • tektonik reprint 8pp 3 two of a kind seite 1

Two of a kind
Hofmann Naturstein, a long-established fabricator and installer of high-quality stone facades, collaborated with Frankfurt-based practice TEK TO NIK on two building exploiting the potential of digital design and manufacture.