HOFMANN STONE is proud of its innovative processing techniques and novel uses of natural stone, developed in partnership with architects and engineers. New product concepts and technical expertise have allowed a range of new possibilities.

Blast resistant stone facades

HOFMANN STONE offers various solutions for blast mitigation and the hardening of vulnerable buildings and critical infrastructures. As thin protective elements with various design options blast protection and natural stone can be integrated into the overall architectural concept without being visible. Protection against blast attacks can be already achieved by a 5cm layer of a hardened natural stone element, added as a shield around load bearing elements of concrete or steel structure like lobby or outer columns or added to on the outside façade of a building to prevent spall and breach or progressive collapse. Our engineering department can aid in developing your blast resistant design.

Cubist façade elements made of massive natural stone

Our engineering department developed in special construction a façade with cubist façade elements for the project “ML Forty Seven” in Frankfurt. This type of stone façade design in form of a highly insulated curtain wall constitutes a veritable innovation.

Here you can find out more.

Spatial design with natural stone

Automated three-dimensional stone processing, exact to the millimetre, opens up unlimited architectural possibilities when it comes to implementing your design ideas or replicating existing forms by means of a high-precision 3D scan.

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Surface treatment AQUAPOWER

“AQUAPOWER” is a new kind of surface treatment. The stone is worked at the high pressure of 2000 bar, contributing to a dense optical effect with limestone and granite. The roughened surface makes the colours appear more intense.

Click here to see an overview of all stones with an Aquapower surface treatment

Surface treatment HANDSPLIT

The handsplit surface gives facades a noble and unique appearance. The surface treatment of the facing slabs through our stone masons makes every stone to a unique. Depending on light incidence and viewing angle it ensues another impression.


Sebald Kontore, Nuremberg

The roof covering with massive corner stones sets a demanding course at the heterogeneous environment of Nuremberg.


E.ON AG, Dusseldorf

The 1,000-square meter stone roof of E.ON Dusseldorf, occupies a modern sealed and thermally insulated concrete roof with natural stones, has been realized with our specialized knowledge.

Noiseless renovation – RWE AG headquarters building

The customer’s goal was the complete replacement of the building façade without any interruption to company operations – i.e. noiselessly. This remarkable feat was achieved thanks to HOFMANN STONE’s expert knowledge.

Pre-stressed natural stone – stone bridge across the Hessenring

Merging the structural properties of granite and steel was achieved in the erection of a pre-stressed stone pylon for a pedestrian’s bridge in Bad Homburg (near Frankfurt). The fivefold pressure strength of granite when compared even to the best concrete, combined with the tensile strength of high quality steel, allowed for a slender construction of previously unimagined dimensions. This graceful design was made possible only with the help of HOFMANN STONE engineering know-how.

Jointless construction – Sonnentor (“Gate of the Sun”)

We measure feats of modern stone engineering against examples from history. The Incas’ knowledge of jointless construction was suppressed as heathen art by the Spanish conquistadors. The jointless union of 20-ton blocks in Cuzco, Peru still testifies to the endurance of this technique. Using a newly developed precision-driven diamond-wire saw and 5-axis bits, we have erected a “Gate of the Sun”, a monument to the genius of the Inca stonemasons. Based on HOFMANN STONE engineering know-how.
The “gate of the sun” on the adjacent photo was built by us in jointless stone construction and was made of Kösseine Royal blue from the German Fichtelgebirge.
It is located at our headquaters in Gamburg and is always open for the public.


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